We had  SealX applied on my 5 year old motorhome then immediately left for a 6 week trip to the South Island - a lot of it on dusty back roads.

After the SealX application the van looked better than new. We soon accumulated a good layer of dust all round, particularly around the rear, but after about 10 days there was a mild shower of rain.

The dust just washed off and we had our new looking van again - I was quite astounded.
We are from Tauranga with the van parked outside and I had noticed the paint on the bonnet and roof breaking down but this has now been beautifully restored.

I researched a number of protective treatments but SealX consistently came out with better long-term results.

The van wash I was given is easy to apply and very effective too.

After returning from out trip I had CorrosionX applied. Me being me I got under the vehicle and had a real good poke around and was delighted that the CorrosionX had been liberally applied - in every nook and cranny.

I am quite confident this will give me good long term protection against underbody rust and corrosion.

When the SealX was applied  Johan also applied a windscreen treatment. Not only were all the water marks gone but the rain or windscreen wash just beaded off immediately, it is quite remarkable and appears to be long lasting.

Johan, Jaco and the staff have been easy to deal with, very obliging, and each time have done a tremendous job.

I would recommend not only the products but also the service component.

Jon Foxon, Tauranga