Automotive protection

MOtorhomes and caravans

A motorhome is a vehicle that you actually live in, and there’s no reason to accept a living space that isn’t the absolute best it could possibly be. We run a comprehensive motorhome grooming service, capable of transforming even the oldest, tiredest motorhome into the finest motorhome.

We offer basic post-holiday clean-up, a full protection program, a specialist pre-sale valet or our range of specialist grooming and anti-corrosion products. There is no need to spend thousands to get your home looking brand new.

For motorhomes and caravans we offer
  • Motorhome and caravan surface protection
  • Anti-corrion motorhome protection
  • Leather care

Cars and motorcycles

If you own a top quality vehicle or motorcycle, you want it to stay top quality.  Our sealant coating keeps your vehicle or motorcycle safe from the pernicious damage of everything from salt to snow to sand to sunlight. Vehicles in New Zealand are especially vulnerable to the damage of corrosion, due to our salty, coastal air and high levels of rain and ultraviolet light, making it even more important for you to protect them.

Here we provide a comprehensive grooming solution that can make your car or bike look fantastic, both inside and out. It cuts down on cleaning and maintenance time and makes your vehicle not only better looking but safer and longer lasting.

For cars and motorcycles We offer
  • Anti-corrosion automotive protection
  • Leather care

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