Aircraft protection

Streamline Protection are New Zealand's exclusive SealX applicator for the aviation industry. This product provides a sleeker, smoother surface to the plane, making it far more repellant of both dirt and water. Air flows much easier across the smoother surface, meaning decreased drag and therefore decreased fuel usage. Furthermore, your aircraft remains clean and shiny.

We also do treatments on rust and corrosion that impact your plane’s appearance, its value, its lifespan and its safety. With our anti-corrosion protection you can avoid these effects altogether. Our subtropical island climate make New Zealand aircraft particularly susceptible to the problems of oxidation, making it all the more imperative that you acquire some anti-corrosion protection as soon as possible.

Our treatments
  • CorrosionX - Anti corrosion treatment
  • SealX - Paint protection treatment
  • Leather care
  • Aircraft detailing
  • Interior cleaning and protection
  • Exterior cleaning and protection
  • Aircraft window polishing and scratch removing

Interior cleaning and detailing

No matter the size of aircraft you fly, the interior of your aircraft is a symbol of your care and attention to detail. Designed to bridge convenience with your particular requirements, an interior cleaning and detailing service provides you with the ultimate in flexibility for whatever you may require

For when time is critical, a quick turn cleaning focuses on straightening passenger seats, wiping tables and lavatory areas, and removing trash from your aircraft’s cabin before a complete vacuum is completed. In the end, your next leg can get underway without the need to delay the trip for cleaning.

But for when time does allow or if you’re carrying a passenger with a medical requirement, a full interior detailing will delve deep into every section of the cabin including the cockpit and baggage compartment areas (if equipped). During the service, every fixture is cleaned and polished before your seat cushions are removed and then deep-cleaned and conditioned. Lastly, every compartment is cleaned, sanitized, and reorganised before the entire aircraft receives a complete vacuum.

No matter the choice however, your aircraft’s interior will be cared for in a way that’s personal to your own tastes.

Aircraft carpet cleaning

Your aircraft’s carpet takes a beating year-around not only from your passengers, but from Mother Nature as well. To help combat these factors and restore the appearance of your aircraft, a thorough carpet cleaning provides a way to remove high traffic marks and stains without the high cost of replacing the fixture all together.

Done with care as to not soak the carpet’s protective fire backing, the entire carpet is vacuumed before first being spot treated to remove stains from environmental and or human factors. Only then is the entire carpet cleaned with a commercial grade carpet extractor leaving behind a clean and refreshed carpet.

As a note, this service can be completed with the carpet left inside the aircraft and or fully removed at your discretion.

Leather cleaning

One of the most expensive investments on the interior of your aircraft may just be the very thing you spend the most time in: your seats.

Over time, these areas can fade and dull in appearance which makes keeping them clean one of the most important things you can do to keep your aircraft’s interior looking great.

With care taken as to not damage the leather’s dye, the entire seat is first cleaned to remove body oils, dirt, and pen marks before the entire surface is worked over several times with premium leather conditioner and a horse hair brush. The end result is a seat that is brighter in appearance and supple to the touch.

Exterior aircraft cleaning

Aircraft washing

Washing the exterior of your aircraft is important to ensure that grease, grime, dirt, and oils don’t become permanent residents on your aircraft.

To remove these unwanted contaminants, only OEM approved chemicals and techniques are used to ensure that every surface of your aircraft’s exterior is left clean and spotless. Extra attention is also given to exhaust trails and under-wing sections to ensure that any build ups are removed before they have a chance to damage your aircraft’s paint.

Aircraft bright work (Metal polishing)

If you’re staring directly into your aircraft’s leading edges and or spinner and you don’t see yourself looking back, then it’s probably time to think about having your aircraft’s bright work polished.

Just as exterior washes are important to keeping your paint in good condition, brightwork polishing is a specialised service designed to remove built up contaminants and leave behind a smooth mirror-like finish.

Done in several steps, the entire process begins by determining your aircraft’s condition and includes an inspection of ALL metal surfaces including spinner heads, engine inlets, vertical stabilizer, and wing surfaces.

Following the inspection, your aircraft is protected from flying debris by covering over windows, static wicks and ports with plastic sheeting and tarps. As soon as the aircraft is prepped, high-speed buffers and various grades of polishing compound are used to remove built up corrosion and oxidation that have made their way into the metal’s surface. Repeated three to five times (as determined by condition), every water spot, scratch, and pit is removed leaving behind a flawless mirror-like finish.

Paint protection and polishing

Looking for the ultimate way to protect your aircraft’s paint from the environment? Or are you trying to save your aircraft’s paint that is dull in appearance?

Then you’re in the right place.

Simply put, paint polishing and sealants are hands down the best way you can protect your paint while rejuvenating the appearance of your aircraft’s exterior. Where waxes breakdown at high speeds and in wet environments, a well applied sealant will last nearly a year of flying while providing your aircraft with a hard shine that would make any wax jealous.

But before any buffers or sealant touch your aircraft, the process begins with a one-on-one walk around of your aircraft where its current paint condition is evaluated. This evaluation not only provides us with a chance to determine the overall health of the paint but also gives you a moment to point out areas of concern such as over-spray and or water spotting.

From there, the aircraft is prepared utilising either clay bars and or mechanical polishing tools to remove contaminants as well as release surface tension on the skin of the aircraft. After multiple passes, the entire exterior of the aircraft is then washed to remove any leftover compounds before being sealed with three to five layers of paint sealant.

The end result is a finish that is not only “brighter” in appearance, but smoother to the touch. And if properly maintained, your aircraft’s original paint can last well beyond its designed life thus saving you money in the long run.

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