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About Streamline Protection
Streamline Protection (formerly known as QRM) is a New Zealand based family owned and operated company divided into two sections. One section specialises in aviation, marine and automotive detailing and protection against corrosion or paint fade. The other section specialses in all building maintenance and repairs.

We are dedicated to the protection and preservation of your asset. Whatever your aircraft, vessel or vehicle, whatever it's type and whatever condition it might be in, you have come to the right place.

Johan Pienaar detailing a helicopter

So why streamline protection?

We can offer


We offer quality service at a competitive price


We only use premium quality products to protect your assets.


We are approved aviation applicators


With a high attention to detail we deliver high quality results

Jaco Pienaar buffing the wing of a cessna

our main

We are dedicated to the protection and preservation of New Zealand Aircraft, Vessels or Vehicles. Whatever your Aircraft, Vessel or Vehicle, whatever it's type and whatever condition it might be in, we can help.

Detailing and protective coatings

is what we do best!
We are popular with clients looking to protect & enhance their investment in their Aircraft, Vessels or Vehicles. Whether it’s your daily ride, your exotic prestige or even your custom vehicle, let us ensure it gets the best protective care. Whether it is against rust and corrosion or paint fade, we realise there is only one guaranteed way to obtain the ultimate protection to suit your requirements. The products we use are recognised as being among the finest protective products available, anywhere in the world.

Our team

  • Johan Pienaar

    Johan is the owner of Streamline Protection. He manages the day-to-day running of the business as well…

  • Jaco Pienaar

    Jaco is the senior applicator for Streamline Protection. He is responsible all the professional detailing services using…

Building and maintenance

any job, big or small
In order to be able to call your house a 'family home', it needs to meet your needs and the needs of your family. Whether your property is a rental, or your very first home, we take pride in our work and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end result.

We enjoy being able to stand back and look at the work we've completed, we are always proud and happy with the smile and satisfaction our customers faces once they see the result we've produced.

To discuss your property maintenance requirements with one of our team specialists, please contact us today.

Streamline Protection building maintenance